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Machu Picchu 2011

In May 2011, I did a 4 day 3 night hike on the Inca Trail totaling 24 miles in Cusco, Peru. Below is my video from the hike.

This is the classic picture of Machu Picchu taken from the trail on the way to the Sun Gate.

This was a short one week trip. We flew from Miami to Lima to Cusco. From Cusco, we rode a bus for 2 hours to get to the trailhead and began hiking on Day 1. We got to camp around 3:30pm at the Llulluchapmampa camp site. On Day 2 we hiked over Dead Woman’s Pass and camped. On Day 3 we hiked to Winay Wayna and camped our final night. On Day 4 we began our hike at 5:30am and reach Machu Picchu around 8am.

Here is a great flash movie showing the itinerary on the trip.

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