I started my first ecommerce store in 2007 and began selling on Amazon in 2012. My philosophy in Ecommerce is very different from most of the currently taught methods, especially when selling on Amazon. I specialize in finding low competition products that most Amazon sellers won't touch. This enables me to successfully sell without running PPC, giveaways, etc...

Product Selection

Learn how to select a product that will be non-competitive in the Amazon world


Learn how to find a factory and import your first product

Sell on Amazon

Our first step is to get onto Amazon and successful sell your product and sustain its sales

Ecommerce Store

Our next step is to setup and operate you own Ecommerce store so that you don't depend on Amazon only

Product Photography

Learn how to take great product photos using just a smart phone

Inventory Management

We will cover when and how you should be planning your import orders

Work/Life Balance

All work and no play is not fun. Our goal is to setup a well run, low maintenance business

General Business

All the little stuff you need like bookkeeping, licenses, LLC, etc.


1 on 1

This is a One on One coaching program. There is no set course, no PDFs or ebooks. This is tailored to you.

Two Month Minimum

There is a two month minimum. However, I recommend doing at least 3 months


I am teaching you how to think, not what to do. I will be teaching you skills which you can use for the rest of your life.

Direct Access

You get my phone number and email address, skype, etc. and can directly contact me anytime (within reason) during the day.


$6,000 total for first 2 months, $3,000 per month afterwards


Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in my coaching program