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Crested Butte 2013

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Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting 2013

This time I did the upper canyon, 7 day hybrid trip which included kayaks, paddle boats and oar boats.

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Antarctica 2013

Went on a 11 day cruise to Antarctica.

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African Safari 2012

Went to Africa and did a 6 day safari and also spent a week in Zanzibar.

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Hawaii 2012

Spent a week in Hawaii in July 2012. We did a shark cage dive and saw some large Galapagos sharks.

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Grand Canyon 2012

This was a one week whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The trip had a little bit of everything. It started with a 10 mile hike, then 100 miles on the river, a helicopter flight to the top and a small plane ride back to the south rim.

There are two videos below. Both videos are the same, just the music is different. Enjoy.

Not Safe for Working Music Lyric Version –

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Prague 2012

I went to visit Prague and Budapest for the second year in a row. This was a strict tourist trip. We spent 10 days there.

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Taiwan 2012

I went on a 3 week trip to Taiwan in January 2012. This trip was part business as I was looking for a new manufacturer for my products. I didn’t take much video on this trip so there are only photos.

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Iceland 2011

I took a trip to Iceland in September 2011 with Bill and Michelle. It was a quick week long tour that brought us to see pretty much every site on the southern portion of Iceland.

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Crested Butte 2011

This was our 10th Anniversary trip. I can’t believe we’ve been doing a July mountain biking trip for 10 years now. We are still finding new and better trails to ride every year in Crested Butte.

This year our new trails were Doctor’s Park and the 409 and a half trail. Both were excellent downhills.

Here is the video.

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