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Antarctica 2013

Went on a 11 day cruise to Antarctica.

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Prague 2011

In June of 2011, I went on a one month study abroad program in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. I took a digital photography class in Prague. Our dormitories were about a 20 minute walk and metro ride away from our classrooms. Our classrooms were in the heart of Old Town Prague.

Below is a my compilation video from the month of Prague. It includes a trip to Vienna, Budapest and Cesky Krumlov. I think I’m moving to more videos rather than photos of my trips. I feel like a single video can convey many aspects of the trip more than a series of videos. And there were many hours of video from this trip.

Prague Compilation Video

Walking to Class

The video below was a quick one that I put together showing my daily walk and train ride to class in the morning. (This video was put together with Windows Live Movie Maker, which isn’t the best editting software. Sorry the audio is a little loud on this video)


Travelogue in Prague

There were also a bunch of students who are studying film and they made a compilation of videos from the trip also. There are 5 total short videos here.

Travelogue in Prague Part I

Travelogue in Prague Part II

Travelogue in Prague Part III

Travelogue in Prague Part IV

Travelogue in Prague Part V

Hope you enjoyed them!

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